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Ocean's Deepest Income Multiplier 2012, 2013... Now also, Bet..ter!

Odim is. It is the international marine operation based in Norway that recently got the action from Rolls Royce. Told the team in Nova works on some high-level technology, but only people in the immediate marine industry seem to be aware of their various successes. No, it's never too late. Just this week, a Canadian hydrographic firm placed an order for a multi-beam echo sounder to be used for ocean mapping. It collects oceanographic data while a vessel is underway.  Precision groups in Dartmouth produces these profilers, which are attached to the back of research vessels so they can conduct research without stopping. Cash.

All eyes are still on Gollum's "preshas" (goldie). Meantime, Odim company officers explained on the phones hours earlier their sensors are extended in to the water on cables for data collection. The company also produces marine-research high-end gadgets such as laser-optic plankton counters and a mix of launch and recovery systems. The unmanned launch and recovery systems are  put into the water with winches and peripherals produced by Odim Brooke Ocean. Are there any military applications at all? (#*#! bleeped reply so you don't hear the "yes") 

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Disclosure: ODIM and NOREQ