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Indicators are liars! Support and Resistance Trading for success

Okay, okay please don't hurt me indicator lovers, sure indicators aren't all that bad, I was just messing with your minds. However many traders do believe that to be successful you need mountains of indicators that give you some kind of "edge" over the market. I am here to say that trading as a means of consistent income does not have to be painful or difficult. That less is certainly more when it comes to trading. I've met traders with every indicator under the sun on their charts, with years of training under their belts having spent thousands of $$$'s and STILL not making a consistent income....

Why? Because Indicators are liars! Sure sometimes you might pull of a trade or 2 but in the end you always get spanked....Why? Because not everyone uses a MACD with your settings, not everyone uses a Stochastics or an RSI. I believe to be an effective trader you have to look at what the majority of traders look at...So what do most traders look at? Support and Resistance! Almost every system out there uses Support and Resistance to some extent. Support and Resistance is our number 1 indicator. Use other info that the majority of traders watch ONLY as confluence, Market Profile levels, Pivots and Fibs.

In many instances historically referenced Support and Resistance levels can help traders catch markets tops/ bottoms to the very tick! Why? Because Support and Resistance levels are the most widely used trading tool! Everyone from Hedge funds and banks to the small time trader at home use Support and Resistance levels.