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|Includes: Windtree Therapeutics, Inc. (WINT)

I'm new to this board, been holding DSCO for about 2 years now. DSCO is driving me insane because it's not really following any general rule of thumb. The pps used to be much higher with only speculative news, include Capetola's BS. I am wondering, now, with the FDA giving a 75% thumbs up (more or less) what's holding the price down??

Are folks afraid to get in, fearful of another FDA rejection? I don't see any chance of the FDA backing out- specially now with the H1N1 coming around and the severe need for new products to help care for infants in this dangerous season.

Another thing that would generally excite someone is the looming rumors/possibilities of a partnership with a big Pharma. Granted- there's no chance for a buy out since the BO (pun intended) still wants full control of the company. However, it is curious that they haven't name a new CEO even though Amick is taking the lead- but a part time CEO? Come on! There's got to be something looming in the air.

I'd like to hear any thoughts, or opinions :)