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Health Benefits Of CBD Topicals And How ISBG Can Stream Revenues

Health Benefits of CBD Topicals and How ISBG Can Stream Revenues

Miami, FL – February 24, 2019 ( Newswire) –, an elite wall street independent small cap media group with a history of bringing lucrative opportunities, updates on International Spirits & Beverage Group, Inc. (OTC: ISBG).

Miami, FL – February 24, 2019 ( Newswire) –, an elite wall street independent small cap media group with a history of bringing lucrative opportunities, updates on International Spirits & Beverage Group, Inc. (OTC: ISBG).

International Spirits Beverage Group Inc (OTCPK:ISBG), specialists in branded spirits and wine has positioned itself for the next new products in the health market of Cannabidiol (CBD) based products.

For decades the health benefits of cannabis and marijuana have long been debated. The barrier for reintroducing any products with these ingredients has been the psychoactive properties based on the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the perception of the public of legalizing THC based products and political reluctance to upset that public perception. Modern science knowledge and technologies have been able to extract levels of THC leaving CBD based products without the psychoactive elements but with the health benefits.

ISBG has been working closely with scientists, researchers and manufacturers to develop a range of CBD based products, CBD Gummies were launched in January and CBP Topicals to be launched shortly that are expected to provide a wide range of health benefits without prescriptions, widely available and at affordable prices.

ISBG is uniquely placed because the company already has a strong marketing machine that has grown a global customer base and is established in the supply chain of retailers and wholesalers. Existing ISBG customers, individuals and companies, are a good fit for CBD products without ISBG having to start completely new customer bases and supply chains. That provides efficiencies in markets and, obviously, new markets will be sought and found for ISBG products. New customers and supply chains also provide ISBG with opportunities to promote existing product ranges. Marketing activities to promote new products to existing clients and promoting existing products to new clients is a fantastic business model for ISBG to propel long term sustainable growth and profitability.

For over a decade more investment has poured into research about the health benefits of CBD Topicals that are available in lotions, sprays, creams, balms etc, and also there is growing evidence of beauty benefits. ISBG and partners have been thorough in analyzing existing and ongoing research, as well as their own clinical testing. A few benefits of using CBD topical are:

Pain Management

A review of a series of research conducted between 1980 and 2007 found that CBD based products relieved pain and assisted pain management. CBD topicals potentially can be used by people with back pain, and issues with joints. Easy application means that sports enthusiasts can get quick solutions to muscular and joint pains. Most joint pains are caused through forcefully impact, such as continuous pounding on concrete paths from long distance running, taking up new sports activity or through a job that requires a lot of walking or standing up such as nursing or care work. Potentially CBD topicals could be sold in gyms, sports clubs and local pharmacies available over the counter.

Treating Skin Infections and Irritations

CBD Topicals’ properties have the capabilities of treating mild skin conditions such as skin bacteria, facial skin infections, scratches, insect bites, burns, abrasions, and can be applied to reduce swelling, relieve pain and reduce redness.


Psoriasis can be an incredibly debilitating condition, not only because of the pain caused through the build up of excess skin and itching, but also because of the red and white patches making it uncomfortable to expose skin through constant covering up even on hot summer days. There have been numerous studies that support evidence of improved conditions through applying CBD topical although more research continues to further develop knowledge and CBD based treatments.


A global aging population and whilst arthritis is not just a problem with the elderly, lower mortality rates mean that arthritis is a condition that younger people are increasingly being diagnosed with. The journal Rheumatology found that CBD has helped to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis.



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