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EPA Takes First Step To Regulate Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Climate change has received a lot of attention in the last 5 years. Today, the world is looking for various ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save the planet from what looks like a probable collapse.

To achieve this, the Environmental Protection Agency last year declared that airline emissions are a threat to human and to the environment. According to the agency, emissions from airlines while they are in an operation contributes to climate change. Thus, the agency wants to regulate aircraft greenhouse gas emissions.

EPA Takes First Step To Regulate Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions The EPA is calling the process to make new laws for aircraft emissions "Endangerment Finding". This new law is backed by the Clean Air Act which allows the EPA to limit heat-trapping emissions from the plane exhaust. When done, the aviation industry will be the latest sector to be regulated under the Clean Air Act after car, trucks, and large stationary sources such as power plants.

According to the EPA's director of Transport and Air Quality - Christopher Grundler, the agency is working domestically with the International Civil Aviation Organization to develop a worldwide standard for carbon dioxide emissions by aircraft. The International Civil Aviation Organization also known as "ICAO" is a branch of the United Nations.

This new regulation is coming years later after a call by various environmental groups to regulate aircraft emissions. For several years, EPA has been under serious pressure from environmental groups who want the Clean Air Act to be extended to the aviation industry. The group sued the EPA in 2010 and in 2012, the federal court ruled in the favor of these environmental groups.

According to the study by the International Council on Clean Transportation, the aviation accounted for at least eleven percent of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States’ transportation sector in 2010.

Over the years, airline companies have struggled with laws regarding carbon emissions. Almost every airline favor global emission standard over the individual national standard. This makes sense since most airlines fly to a lot of countries with different rules regarding carbon dioxide emission and different carbon prices.

According to the senior vice president at the International Air Transport Association, "staying complaint to different regimes is an administrative nightmare if you are an airline company flying to 100 countries a day".

Despite new aircraft greenhouse emission law that is planned by the EPA, some environmental groups believe the new law will do little since it would only be applied to newly designed aircraft and therefore will not be in operation for several years. The group is calling for stricter rules and regulations for aircraft greenhouse emission.

No doubt, greenhouse emission is a big issue. We release carbon from our activities such as driving cars. Every carbon produced affects the environment and contributes to climate change. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for you to revise this trend by using less plastic or erecting lean to wooden greenhouse which will help you to keep the air clean and enjoy gardening all your round.