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Commonly Asked Questions About HFI Research Premium

Q: What is HFI Research Premium?

HFI Research premium is a subscription based service launched by HFI to keep subscribers updated on the next big contrarian bet.

Our current focus is on oil and natural gas, and our stock idea generation is also mainly in this area. Our other areas of expertise include tech, media, telecom, and real estate.

HFI Research premium gives subscribers a different look at the ever changing investment landscape today. We derive a contrarian view to a macro investment thesis and boil it down to individual investments to profit from. We don't just focus top-down, we also focus bottom-up.

You can read our investment process here.

Q: What reports do I get if I subscribe?

Current reports include:

"What Changed This Week" - A comprehensive weekly report that includes a detailed update of the actively managed HFI Portfolio along with idea analysis, and macro overviews.

"Natural Gas Fundamentals" - A daily report that updates subscribers on the ever changing shifts in the natural gas market. This report helps you stay informed of what's going on in the natural gas market. (Data table provided for daily demand and supply)

"Weekly Oil Markets Fundamentals" - A comprehensive weekly report published every Monday to go over the global supply/demand we are observing along with relevant updates.

"What Research Reports We Read This Week" - A comprehensive highlight of all the research reports we read this week, and what you can learn from the content we researched.

"Individual Idea Reports" - A detailed research report of individual undervalued stock ideas.

Q: If I have a question, can I ask HFI directly?

Yes, this service gives you direct access to the HFI Research team and the members that analyzed the idea. We respond very swiftly.

Q: What do your subscribers say about your service?

You can read them right here.

Q: What if I'm unsatisfied with the premium service, can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, and you will only be charged for the first month you paid for. This applies to annual subscriptions as well.

Q: What was the HFI Portfolio's performance in 2016?

We were up 50.75% and you can read the 2016 recap here.

Q: Do you research stock ideas outside of the energy sector?

Yes, but our primary focus is on energy names given our contrarian thesis on oil and natural gas.

Q: How do I sign up?

You can sign up right here.

Disclosure: I am/we are long HFI PORTFOLIO.