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Are Women Better Bosses than Men?

The investment world is still dominated by men.  This makes me wonder why aren’t more women in senior management roles?  Do men actually make better managers than men?  Find my answer at the end of this post.

Christine Lagarde, French Finance Minister and someone tipped as a potential future Prime Minister, is one of the few really impressive politicians that I respect.  Ms. Lagarde believes women make better politicians than men, “because they are not slaves to their libidos…” which she believes makes them “…more able to make more cool-headed judgments.”  She recently told ABC News, “…a man’s sex drive, testosterone & ego impairs his decision-making ability.”  If this it true, why are there not more women in senior management positions?

Women only make up 11% of Fortune 1000 company board members; 25% of the Fortune 1000 still have no female board members at all.  In the top 300 European companies, women make up only 12% of board members, except in Norway where 38% of board members are female.  American poet Robert Frost said, “Being the boss anywhere is lonely.  Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.”

Leadership maven Professor Khalid Aziz, believes women managers have a “…less short-term outlook, are more holistic, big picture & reasonable.”  He lists 10 reasons why women make better bosses than men:

1.  In a still sexist world, women have to be better than men to succeed.

2.  Women tend to be less ‘bull-headed’ than men & prefer to understand the big picture before proceeding.

3.   More adaptable to the needs to change.

4.   More willing to see other people’s point of view.

5.  Less bloody-minded in conflict.

6.  More holistic people managers, understanding different influences on staff.

7.  More willing to admit mistakes.

8.   Better at collaboration.

9.   More open to seeing their own failings.

10.  Better team players.

I have never worked for a female boss – unless I count being raised by my very competent, nurturing Mom.  Nevertheless, in general, I suspect women probably do make better bosses than men.

As iconic American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Throughout history, females have picked providers.  Males have picked anything.”

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