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The King is Born: Your One Stop Hub for the Best Articles, Videos, & Pictures from All Across the Web

The King is Born( is an up-and-coming site that aggregates only the best articles, videos, and pictures from all across the Web. We strive to deliver the best content from the Web to you in the most efficient way! We promise to deliver you with the best content keeping you entertained, informed, and coming back!  It is my newest web venture that I am launching with my partner, Ryan Nettleship.  I see the site replacing my infamous, Articles of the Week but the quality and array of content will be much more diverse that I believe many of you will become a huge fan. The website is broken down into six main sections, all listed below along with an image of the site’s design, check it out:

Feel free at any point to contact us with any suggestions or comments on how to improve the site.  The goal is to deliver top quality, entertaining reads and to keep you coming back so we are all ears and receptive to implementing any ideas to help improve the site out for you.  Make sure to check out the site, and let us know what you think, enjoy!