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Articles of the Week: How Hard is it to Become the Michael Jordan of Trading?

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How Hard is it to Become the Michael Jordan of Trading? (The Big Picture)

Debt Endangers Growth (Bloomberg)

How the World’s Greatest Investors Lost Billions? (Wall Street 24/7)

Five Reasons to be Bullish on Stocks (Yes Bullish.) (Fortune)

Why Americans Feel So Poor? (The Atlantic)

Voice of the Unemployed (Yahoo Money)

A Country in Denial About Taxes (Forbes)

Why Americans Need An Infrastructure Bank? (The New York Times)

Why Greece Needs a Marshall Plan? (Project Syndicate)

Is Facebook Worth $100 Billion? (The Wall Street Journal)

Bancroft Family Regrets Selling WSJ to Murdoch (ProPublica)

What We Can Hope to See From the Economy? (The Wall Street Journal)

Time to Short the Euro (Smart Money)

Don’t Bet on the NBA Exodus to Europe (Marketwatch)

Overhyped Products That Completely Flopped (Business Insider)

Why Are There Not More Silicon Valleys? (Think Progress)

Mansions of Powerful CEO’s (Yahoo)

Warning to Washington: Don’t Mess With the Debt Ceiling (The Washington Post)

Republican Candidate Extends Lead Against Obama: 47%-39% (Gallup)

G.O.P’s No-Tax Stance is Outside the Political Mainstream (The New York Times)

6 Mind Blowing Discoveries Made by Using Google Earth (

The Geography of How We Get to Work (The Atlantic)

Are We Naughty by Nature? (Slate)

The Power of Becoming Invisible (Altucher Confidential)

Tweet Your Way to a Scholarship (Yahoo Money)

Why I Left Google & What Happened Next? (Are You Thinking Outside)

Activision Launches Call of Duty Social Network (Venture Beat)

Engineering Oceans to Suck Up Carbon Has Econ Consequences (Fast Company)

Can I Write a Check? (Grantland)

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