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Before & After: The Vast Design, Development, & Transformation of Many High Profile Websites

Posting our #900th article today reminded us of what Stocks on Wall Street use to look like and the vast development and growth that’s taken place in the past two and a half years. We are not proud but below is an image of what the site first looked like when it was originally launched on Feburary 20th, 2009, not our finest hour I must say but any the less we have moved on since and are now doing bigger and better things.

Anyway’s this gave us the idea of what other big names websites looked when they originally launched. Below we have the original Facebook once known as The Facebook, Google, Tumblr, Twitter, and the most shocking I believe Yahoo. Take a look of the images below and you will instantly see the huge revolution and gigantic changes and development many have had. Just recently it seems as if we have a new Facebook design update everyday.

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