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Status/Class/Tacky Stock Picks – Materials & Technology Sectors

|Includes: AAPL, AKAM, BHP, CLF, CREE, Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX), IBM, MMR, PALM, X

 Here are my ‘Status/Class/Tacky Stock Picks’ for the Materials and Technology sectors. Everything around us can fit into a category of Status, Class or Tacky. 

Status = trendy, latest fashion; can be the best, but not necessarily; sometimes over-rated.  What’s currently in vogue is key factor here, not objective quality – which may not make for a great stock pick.  Class = excellent; not necessarily most fancy; more often than not it’s better than ‘status’, but more conservative.  Tacky = needs no explanation.

  Status Class Tacky
Materials FCX, CLF BHP MMR, X



- Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (FCX) – after a sharp drop in April, this one’s poised to pop back through $100, perhaps as high as $125 by the end of 2010.  Copper and Gold all in one – what more can you ask for?

- Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF) – strong earnings will continue to drive this one higher

- BHP Billion (BHP) – China & India Inc. will continue to devour ore.  Enough said!

- McMoRan (MMR) – it’ll take more than one good quarter to convince me to jump back in.

- US Steel (X) – Some analysts say it’s poised for a rally.  Perhaps.  But there are plenty of options in this sector more likely to outperform (see CLF above).


- Apple (AAPL) – has Apple peaked or will it motor on to $300?  Everyone’s favorite, it could be verging on being over-bought.  However, my bet is continued new products will keep the momentum going at least until the end of 2010.  I’m still a fan of AAPL.

- Akamai (AKAM) – a lot of growth potential, a leader in their business.  Cloud computing will seal Akamai’s future success.  A provider of high-speed service to Netflix and others, Akai will hit $40 before the year’s end.

- Cree (CREE) – a market leader in the high-growth LED solutions.

- IBM (IBM) – performing well on all cylinders, plus strong dividend make this a stalwart stock

- Palm (PALM) – can HP make PALM a winner?  I doubt it.  And, if so, it’ll take a while.  This one’s been overtaken by stronger, more nimble and innovative competitors.

Disclosure: "LONG AAPL & FCX"