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Stop the Government: Free Market Capitalism is the Best Path to Prosperity

With all the cloudiness and uncertainties with the current state of the markets many are wondering what kind of role the government will take.  I say “None at all.”  As Larry Kudlow best states on a daily basis “Free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!” I completely agree with Kudlow and am a free-marketer.  It is our free market system that built this country into the most successful and powerful economy in the history of man.  It also allowed us to help the global spread of capitalism and allow emerging markets to thrive over the past 20 years.  It tires me to hear that we are thinking of tightening regulations on banks and Wall Street.  Get rid of regulations and restrictions and let free market competition play out.  Socialist losers believe in government intervention and never has it helped.  Half of the reason we are in this mess because Congress forced the banks/lenders hand to loan to low income individuals with poor credit histories who ended up defaulting on their loans. The fact is too many Democrats and people with money are plagued by this sense of rich guilt where they feel they need to help the poor out.  The fact is you can only help out so much at some point you need to realize that nothings going to change.  Our society needs to come to terms with the fact that not everyone can own a house or have a BMW, you need to earn it. So again now as the government is reconsidering tightening regulations and becoming more involved with Wall Street maybe we should consider is this the best decision for our country?

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