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Buy Total SA (TOT)

|Includes: COP, CVX, NE, PBR, TOTAL S.A. (TOT), XOM
This market environment we continue to trade in has been extremely cruel to investors. Stocks continue to get hammered on a daily basis and the energy sectorhas become one of the biggest victims. Especially the large cap oil stocks that have been knocked down due to the whole crisis brought along by BP. The thing we have to realize is the world hasn’t become oil independent just because of one spill. Right now might be a hard time for the conservative investor to jump back into the markets but consistently the energy sector has been a safe bet. I mean just look at the stock prices of many sector siblings to BP. They are trading at levels so low that they have become screaming buys. Last time we saw them at these levels was back in March 2009, back then the Dow Jones was trading at 6,550 and the S&P at 667. So unless we all suddenly decide to trade in our SUVs and give up on fossil fuels these stocks will continue to rise. Last week I recommended my four “Top Large Cap Oil Stocks” and looking back at the list I can see I forgot one top name:


Amazing stock to own, high global exposure in strategic locations including the recent addition of moving into the rich African nation. Moving on they have increased their exposure to natural gas in both France and Denmark. With a solid 5% dividend and the belief that the market has bottomed out makes this is a great position to own. I know none of us are sure of when the market will begin to rebound but when it does this is a stock not to miss out on.

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