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Biotech Stocks: Renewed Price Interest By Market-Maker Clients

|Includes: ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACAD), ALXN, BIIB, EXEL


Recent price increases and price range expectations forecasts by Market-Makers for Biotech stocks suggest client attention may be refocusing on this group.

The attached map of Risk~Reward comparisons for over two dozen leading developers provides a current perspective on a high-return set of buy candidate stocks.

Further information detailing the results of prior Market-Maker forecasts similar to those now present are easily and economically attainable.

Many established biotechs may outperform

Figure 1 shows dozens of stocks with double-digit price gain prospects in coming weeks and months. The better ones have experienced smaller worst-case price drawdowns than several of the "high-quality" DJ-30 stocks.

Figure 1

(used with permission)

Upside price rewards are from the behavioral analysis (of what to do right, not wrong) by Market-Makers [MMs] protecting themselves from possible damaging future price moves. Their forecasts are measured on the green horizontal scale. The risk dimension is of actual prior price drawdowns at their most extreme point while being held in the pursuit of upside rewards similar to the ones currently being seen. Those are measured on the vertical red scale.

Both scales are of percent change, ranging from zero to 25%. Any stock whose present risk exposure exceeds its reward prospect will be above the dotted diagonal line.

The more competitive current securities are Biogen, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIIB) at [10], Acadia Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ACAD) at [25], Exelixis, Inc. (NASDAQ:EXEL) at [12], and Alexion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ALXN) at [20]. They each "dominate" all other choices of returns to the left of them with higher (on the risk scale) upwards locations.


The competitive buy candidates each have other defining dimensions - like odds of recovery from price drawdown risks, typical holding periods to reach upside price targets, and other considerations - which may justify different choices in the mind of any investor. But Risk and Reward tradeoffs ought to be a good starting point for further due diligence analysis.

The presence of renewed interest by big-money clients is a wealth-building plus for the group as a whole at this point in time.

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