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Medasorb's Cinical Update Provides Reason for Optimism in Effective Treatment of Sepsis

Lot's of reason for optimism with MSBT's recent clinical update.

We have a very solid management team thus far w/ Medasorb and Dr. Chan’s comments in the pr were both balanced and encouraging.
I personally liked his point about pursuing EUA and it could be a real wildcard here.

The fact that he discussed the secondary endpoints to the degree he did was , imo , VERY encouraging. Think: Why would he ever bring up secondary positive endpoints if primaries were not being met (and hopefully exceeded) ?? . He did not have to say a word about the trials themselves and yet he chose to do so.

Also, if primaries are not being met then he would have never made the following statement:” We are currently working in parallel to prepare our CE Mark application which will be finalized once our trial is successfully completed.” ……Why work “in parallel” to complete trial and finish the CE app. unless the results from the first small group of participants were turning out very well??

I personally, as a gerbil, have felt that the h1n1 pandemic (which is just getting started in Germany) could provide a significantly larger pool of trial participants in the coming months and Dr Chan seem to indicate as much in a very measured way… “We have increased the number of participating trial sites to 12 and are
currently leveraging our existing hospital network to include several additional
medical intensive care units. This should benefit our enrollment by increasing
the number of patient candidates that can participate in our trial. In addition,
we are entering what is expected to be a busy flu and pneumonia season, which
are major causes of severe sepsis”.

For the reasons above (and more) I feel we could be sitting on a real powder keg with msbt.
Some words of caution though for what it’s worth:
1. This is still a penny stock and there will likely be huge up’s and down’s in the coming months (I personally am without any stop losses in place as I don’t want to have my shares stolen from me).
2. Also likely is dilution, as the company will have to be adequately capitalized to get where they need to go. However the clinical update did make the following point about another possible source of funding : "increased attention to H1N1 influenza by government funding agencies, opens up a number of opportunities for us that we are actively pursuing" . If a government funding agency provides a grant of some sort (unlikely to be paltry) to Medasorb, it could get them through to commercialization with POSSIBLY LITTLE or NO further dilution, imo.
The next 120 days should prove very interesting indeed (even for a gerbil).