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Is Warrent Buffett Banking on the "Greatest Depression?"

Is Warren Buffett Banking on a Great Depression?
What allowed Germany to unify as a singluar nation after being 200+ seperate states at one time or the other?
1) Industrial Revolution
2) The most advanced rail system in Europe
The military revolution fed by the industrial revolution of Prussia in the 1860's was the result of their great rail system. War with Austria would be short lived since adequately fed, clothe, transport soldiers and weaponry to fronts most in need of resources (Paul Kennedy The Rise & Fall of Great Powers) 
Buffet is thinking long term.Perhaps he is intending on a return to basic in America through the great power of industrialization.Germany had more miles of railway than all of Europe.
 He knows with population rising and the potential for all out mayhem to break out in the economy owning an infrastructure will be a necessity.
Just imagine how crucial railroads were in Prussia united to form Germany in the 18th century was and the prosperity of Germany. I think Buffet understands that we as a nation will have to return to a production driven economy. Railroads are the US lifeblood and I believe he has no desire to watch his dollar value deteriorate.
If I'm Buffet let me evaluate my options for my cash:
Do I buy stocks? Not a chance
Do I buy gold? Hell no not if there is a revolution and a dollar death panic which is coming.
Do I buy energy? Mmmm..maybe but a depression would dominate energy prices such as oil to 20 per barrell or lowers 
Do I buy tech? No.because they are all reliant upon the consumer and advertising. If there is a depression regardless if your Computer desires nor how amazing the Iphone product is deflation willl destroy you temporarily and the the PR attached to your company is overvalued. Google relies on ads..If there is no consumer there is no advertising. Money for technology would dry up on a level only a Depression could achieve. Regardless of the companies and models being fantastic Iphones could be $25.00
Do I buy commodities? No they are like oil and related to oil deflation cycles and production which if depression enters and drops off a cliff.
Do I buy agriculture? Yes Certainly.And I will connect the dots in a second. In a depressionary environment we revert back to essentials..survival.Heat,water and food.
Do I buy cars? Nope.A luxurytoo many exist already.if you have no job you need no car.It is absured we are getting rid of "Clunkers" because they still have a value.
Airlines? Maybe but no vacations no travel however if oil is down it becomes an option and they would be immensly profitable in transportation of goods on a never before seen level.
So what do I buy?
Railroads Capture it All
How about when all railroads are transformed into highly effecient High Speed Rails?

Railroads: Oil deflates your making a killing.Food production becomes a priority to feed a poor country how to you get it from A to B in a nation a large as the United States? Rails
America returns to a commods driven society via production how do you move it? Rails
If there is a revolution what is the most valuable holding no matter who wins? Rails
How do you transport armies? Rails
How do you move oil? Rails
How many true monopolies still exist inthe Greatest Economic juggernaut in the world? Rails. Banks are replaceable especially if there is a middle class uprising. Tomorrow a man could form a new bank and send out the message to citizens saying, "If you protest the legality of a banking monopoly and wish to protest their bankrupting of American just transfer your funds to my acccount
How do you move industrial machiney used for agriculture? Rails
what sector has an abused PE? Rails
Who benefits 20 years from now with explosive population? Rails
Who benefits if a rail connection to Mexico and South America occurs as they emerge as power economies in the future? Rails

Warren Buffet is not Betting on the America structure. He us betting on the land mass that is North America. Read Friedman and you will see the most Geopolitical land in the globe is The U.S. because of our domination of both he Atlantic & The Pacific because of our superior navies.
We can still destroy our political structure and Buffett wins.
You get all the benefits of chaeper oil for yor own energy needs,the movement of this energy, the movement and transportation of food and the machines needed to develop it, movement of any commodity and transcontinental reach.
And the dollar is irrelevant because you own an asset you cannot replicate.
So Buffet what is Buffet really betting on?
Safety no matter who is the victor. Eventually a reogranized powerful nation without a Federal Bank and production & technologically driven economy will emerge and Railroads may possibly be the safest bet in the History of the United States.
Don't listen to me though.Go listen to CNBC while they pump a piece if paper worth whatever the market claims to be worth at you or Cramer telling you to buy Jones Soda
Because the Greedy take liberties until you take them back by force.
They do not call him the Oracle for nothing.