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How Facebook Drives The Stock Market

|About: Facebook, Inc. (FB)

Every brand deals with Facebook.

They control a major advertising outlet.

Every time they rewrite the rules is affects the market.

Businesses used Facebook and other social media platforms to improve the online presence of their brand. These enable them to develop better communication and relationship with their customers, investors and other stakeholders. Creating more business opportunities and improving their overall generated revenue.

Considering the importance of social media in digital marketing, it not surprising that business uses Facebook statistics to predict the outcome in the stock market. The statistics of Facebook marketing 101 has impacted the decision making of investors in the stock market. Also, many analysts in the financial market have used Facebook and other social media data to analyze and correctly predict stock movement.

This goes without saying that Facebook marketing has been a major influence in the stock market. It has been used to unlock new opportunities by connecting people and businesses. Facebook posts and activities have influenced investors’ trading decisions.

Since the emergence of social media, most especially Facebook, there has been a great shift away from the traditional model of advertisement. Facebook and Google alone control about 60 percent of all spending on online advertisement. They are now the channel through which contents spread on the internet.

Facebook has made it easier for individuals and businesses to get information about brands to their customers. Now everybody is its own media brand, you can reach out to millions of people with little or no barrier. This has given power to small businesses to compete with big brands in the market. Before now, reaching out to people was difficult and expensive, one or two small businesses can’t really trouble a big brand. But with many of them on the internet, they can greatly impact the market share.

Facebook has different platforms for marketing such as pages, ads and groups. An individual or business page can be created for sole purpose of promoting your brand. Likewise a group can also be opened by a business or organization to represent their brand and to promote their activities. You can invite your customers to the group, where you can interact and respond to their questions and queries.

One interesting thing about Facebook ads is the ability to target potential customers. The ads are designed to in such a way that they can be used to attract customers based on their demographic attributes. These ads are also inexpensive and generate great return on investment. Facebook can also be used to retarget users who had earlier visited your website.

Through the use of external links, you can direct Facebook users who are on your page to your website. Doing this will provide you with two benefits – the first one is that, once they land on your site, you will be increasing your inbound traffic. The other benefit is that, you’ll be exposing the visitor directly to your brand. And this gives you the opportunity to call to action and improve engagement.

In order to fully utilize Facebook for businesses, you need to understand and know how to implement the concepts of Facebook marketing 101.