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How Central Banks' Easy Solution Could Devastate The Global Economy

Central banks around the world have opened the floodgates with massive levels of quantitative easing in an effort to try to stimulate their respective economies. Turning on the quantitative easing tap is easy; putting the genie back in the bottle will be extremely difficult for central banks globally.

I am not alone in sharing this opinion, as the governor of Denmark's central bank, Lars Rohde, has voiced similar concerns. In a recent interview, Rohde stated, "The risk is we stay in this climate too long and that the carpet bombing of liquidity spurs inflation… How do we exit this without killing whatever nascent recovery there might be at that time?" (Source: Levring, P. and Schwartzkopff, F., "Liquidity Carpet Bombs Fueling Asset Bubbles, Rohde Says," Bloomberg, April 8, 2013.)

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While central banks around the world are using quantitative easing in an effort to revive the global economy, the long-term consequences, as I've mentioned before, could prove to be extremely costly. I certainly welcome the honesty that Denmark's central bank's governor is displaying in voicing his concerns about how all of this quantitative easing might have serious long-term risks.

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