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Economic Growth Falters: Which Stocks To Buy Or Avoid

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One of the most closely watched parts of the global financial system is the Chinese economy. I don't need to tell you that the economic recovery in America and the rest of the world is quite sluggish. Many had hoped that China could help propel the global economy higher; however, there are now concerns that this might not occur.

Recent data on the Chinese economy are signs that economic growth is not accelerating. For the first three months of 2013, the Chinese economy posted growth of 7.7%, a lower rate than the fourth quarter of 2012, in which the Chinese economy grew at 7.9%. (Source: Yao, K., et al., "China growth risks in focus as first quarter data falls short," Reuters, April 15, 2013, accessed April 16, 2013.)

The Chinese economy is a huge player within the international financial system. If the nation was to regain its economic growth rate of the past, this would have a substantial impact on many people and companies around the world.