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The clever innovative company does it again  but it appears that 200 is a hill that might be dificult to climb. Lots of positive even though we near 52 week highs
Selling near 200 with a 202 stop is the call for guy Adamai.
He hasd eaten his worsds before a better play is the 200 straddle

Hgsi  sell the news?

On Friday we pedicted 22 by Tuesday which was acheived in premarket unfortuantely 19.75 was also touched before closing in on 20.
The expiratyio price of 19.96 was an attempt to let the Oct 20 calls die a quiet death when the stock roared to 21 on the penultimate day to the BLiss trial announcement. Passing th efficasy test HGSI is on course o more costly Phase 3 part of the process. Piper Jaffrey had sasid if Bliss test trial beats the placebo
the Glaxo acqusition of HGSI at 30 was a foregone conclusoion.