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Citibank better late than never /Rimm/Mot/Oil/gas/APPLE/smartphone wars/x

On my  three days ago I wrote the exact same think that the vaunted tech analysts wrote about Research in Motion facing better models 
and took it a step further. I said to sell at 62 where RIMM was not 56 now 54.8
I poited out the Blackberry is arguably the fifth best phone now behind Mot's android Apple Iphone Palm'sPre and Nokia. 
 Apple is also facing pressure from the Droid and litigation from Nokia saying it was getting a free ride on Nokia technology.
Palm is under fire because of Apple refusal to allow them to use itunes though the phone was built for it.
  Oil looks like it6 is range bound I have a chart posted on my site that shows Oil maybe making a run again to 80.4 soon We show 76 as support.
Natural GAs caught  a bad rec from SC Bernstein and although under the gun no relief in site I wouldn't short gas just look for a bargain purchase.
  X real money puts another bad review on big steel as it made it's way to 33.20 to day nearly giving up 40% of the run to 50.