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The Next Big Thing? No Borders, Inc.


No Borders, Inc (OTC: NBDR).

No Borders Naturals.

MediDent Supplies.

No Borders Labs.

To the point: I think No Borders (OTC: NBDR) is a breakout-ready company. The hype from the initial acquisition has subsided, and they've built/bought 3 fully functioning subsidiaries which are producing revenues.

They have made a major acquisition, MediDent Supplies. They've built a highly-competitive CBD retail and wholesale operation, No Borders Naturals. And, they are running an industry-leading blockchain focused software shop, No Borders Labs.

No Borders Naturals is a high end CBD products retail and wholesale company. NBDR is dominating the digital space, as well as hitting the ground hard with in-person events all over the USA. Their revenues were significant for Q1, and from all public information looks to be growing well in Q2. They’ve launched their CBD Wholesale Program which looks to be a huge hit. You can try their Free CBD gummy sample too.

MediDent Supplies is a medical and dental equipment supplier based out of Phoenix, AZ. No Borders acquired the company at the end of 2018 and the Labs team have transitioned the company to being one of the leading digital retailers of medical and dental equipment in the short span of 6 months. MediDent’s revenues in Q1 were very significant, and again from public info we know that they’re growing in Q2.

No Borders Labs is a leader in blockchain development and consulting. Previously named Lannister Development, the company name was changed to better reflect the pubco. While being a blockchain-centric entity, it is the dev teams behind Labs that have allowed the fast buildouts and huge growth of Naturals and MediDent.

Simply put, this company is set to do huge things. With scalable businesses in multiple high-demand, high-margin verticals, who could ask for a better setup?

Disclosure: I am/we are long OTC:NBDR.