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Informative Articles About Novocure (Medical Device/Cancer  Treatment Company)

|About: NovoCure Limited (NVCR)

Novocure is a company that uses Tumor Treating Fields to treat cancer.

Optune, one of the Novocure's products, is FDA-approved for treating recurrent glioblastoma and newly diagnosed glioblastoma. (

There are also clinical trials using Tumor Treating Fields for other types of cancer. (

Novocure's stock has increased ~107% YTD.(

Novocure is a stock that is worth investigating further. Here are some interesting and useful articles about the company:

Novocure's growth prospects and the data that has become available so far are appealing; however, although the author is not an expert in this area, Optune as a product may perhaps pose a technological risk due to its new and novel nature. I appreciate any comments and I hope to conduct a deeper analysis of this stock soon.  

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