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Sep. 17, 2019 6:45 AM ETAT&T Inc. (T), ARCC, GLD, SLVBDCL, CIM, CGBD276 Comments
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I will be listing those that participate their blogs to expand the horizon for us. We will have the blogs already running. But we now will have a few more NEW AUTHORS!!

What started out as a small group discussing anything related to investing has grown extremely educational over the last few years !! We have Authors, Financial Advisors, Seasoned investors, Experts in specific fields, and just the Average Joe posting.

Folks.. we are again slowly growing and posters like it. If you are new to investing then this site is for YOU !!!! Where do you read an article and actually see one poster pushing the other to write a blog, or to try and do a stock analysis. To be able to feel that comfortable is hard to do. I think we are the only blog that has that happen. All pitch in like family, something for 7 years i hoped would eventually happen. First you have to build up trust, then actually help train that person and that takes time. But most of all be respectful..

I feel that i need to add this because of a past misunderstanding...

1. To run a blog I have to ignite interest so I periodically pose questions about various issues on all types of topics. If a certain topic has no interest to you, that’s fine. There is no need to comment on every topic. Topics are like buses- a new one comes along every 30 minutes!

2. I may have to delete some comments because in my view, the comment appears rude, inconsiderate or insulting. Note the word “appears”. I have to use my judgment to keep the blog civil and free from these comments. Just because I delete a comment does not necessarily mean that I believe that comment was intended to be rude, inconsiderate or insulting. In fact, the comment might not even be rude, inconsiderate or insulting in the eyes of other people, including the person who made the comment. My deleting it just means that I think it might be construed as rude, inconsiderate or insulting by someone, so for that reason I have chosen to delete it. Somebody has to be the “warden” here and so I ask everyone’s indulgence and understanding in this regard. Please accept this as “life on an internet blog” and do not get offended if some of your comments get deleted. You can always PM me if you want an explanation as to why one of your comments was deleted.

3. Use the “@” symbol and address your comments to specific people whenever it is intended for that person(S). It is ambiguous as to whom a comment is directed if it excludes the “@” symbol. In that event, the thread can get very confusing to follow for the group because nobody knows who is talking to whom. I wish to avoid this situation. If you don’t use the “@” symbol, don’t expect a reply because nobody will know who is supposed to reply. If you don’t use the “@” symbol, your comment will be interpreted as being aimed at everyone in general and nobody in particular.

4. Please be careful and be sure as to not attribute a comment made by one person to another. Doing that is the fastest way to create total chaos in a blog. Please pay close attention as to who says what and direct your comments to the proper person(S)

Thanks Mark  for the above. So let's forgive and forget like were all married..Here goes!!

If you don't believe that Kennedy was murdered by one person, or believe Pearl Harbor really caught us off guard, or that on 9/11 those towers , especially WTC 7 collapsed by just planes, Did Epstein actually commit suicide ?this site might be for you to place your views


IT'S BLOG. THE CONSPIRACY #8 - Interesting Times



Two part blog on Healthcare: First installment,The Healthcare Fallacy. I will take a critical and challenging look at the system we refer to as "Healthcare. "Here is a sentence from it:

The US "healthcare" system does nothing to prevent disease or create personal health. The primary emphasis is on treating symptoms without understanding what caused the symptoms in the first place.

Join me in questioning the established order. The Healthcare Fallacy - John Wilson


The article is an investment strategy designed for people who, either now or in the future, will find yields on government bonds too low to meet their needs. It is intended for buy-and-hold bond investors and for non-bond investors who are looking for income from their investments in a low interest rate environment. I will list 25 issues that I personally own that I expect will provide a solid income stream for many years to come. The 5 asset classes are preferreds, REITs, BDCs, corporate bonds and multi income funds.

Alternate Investments For Income-Seeking Investors


I invest mostly in Exchange-Traded Funds, Closed End Fund’s, and Mutual Fund’s. I also trade options to generate income. I would consider my style as conservative (mostly). Selling options can add income to your accounts. If you are new to this idea, this blog article provides an overview of that strategy. I wondered if a CEF that used leverage would be better than one that did not. These blog articles looks at examples to answer these questions. As a recently retired and experienced investor, I will be adding articles to my blog about assets I own or investment strategies I find interesting or I am curious about. Here are the first two

.RQI Versus RFI - You Aren't Paid Enough For Taking On Added Risk! - Retired Investor

Options 101 - A Beginner Guide To Options - Retired Investor

Analyst's Disclosure: I am/we are long arcc, gld, slv, CIM.

Many more investment symbols are buried in the articles attached. Go on a treasure hunt..You might find a few gems.

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