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TRNX: Will It Delist From NASDAQ?

|About: Taronis Technologies, Inc. (TRNX)

TRNX is currently just below 0.5 but it must reach 1.00 to stay listed.

What does the volume of trading signal about the stock's future.

Recent news events and how bright these make the future look.

If you follow Taronis Technologies Inc you have probably noticed the whirlwind of fluctuations and accompanying news lately. In this article we are going to take a look at what the news is and why exactly it affects the outlook of the company.

Last week, shares rose about 70% on news of a potential $150+M deal, where half of the units are actually sold, and the other half are possibly going to be sold. This is the first big deal for Taronis in quite a while, and opens up the market for further sales.

A smart aspect of this deal that we like a lot is they are collecting a 3% royalty on all gas produced by these units. The CEO seemed extremely excited about the transaction, which is another great indicator. An enthused executive is a better executive.

They don't only sell gas units.

In addition, there are more headlines more recent than that large deal that get us excited. One of Taronis's subsidiaries, Water Pilot, announced it has expanded its program with a major regional hotel owner that owns 83 hotels. The CEO considered this another "excellent milestone".

One thing we find both interesting and encouraging is this data from Reuters that gives info into big investors that have positions in the company.

Lastly, Taronis Technologies is creating another company: Taronis Fuel. If you own shares of Taronis Technologies(TRNX) as of August 15, you will receive free shares of Taronis Fuel (1 per TRNX stock you own) whenever it files with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Upcoming dates to know:

August 5th: Shareholder Town Hall and Business Update Conference Call

August 14th: Earnings report is expected after market closes

August 15th: The day you must own TRNX if you want shares of their spinoff                        Taronis Fuel

Disclosure: I am/we are long TRNX.

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