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The first step is to find a well-versed, licensed agent in your state, such as Georgia Insurance brokers to help you navigate the myriad of plans plan for each family.

Make sure your agent is able to not only talk about the premiums and deductibles but more importantly, the health of your children, the children’s needs, preference for doctors, and.

If you are looking for the maximum coverage for your children typically the best option is a traditional healthcare plan that includes your children, UNLESS your child is under 26.

Another option if your child is a full-time college student is to inquire about the college’s healthcare plan available to students. Most colleges and universities have these plans, but you have to consider the possible ramifications if your child lives in another state during the summer when school is out or travels abroad. If you already have a family plan from work, then a college or university plan would simply be an unnecessary expense.

The final option and a rising favorite among many families is to become a member of a health sharing plan or network. These plans are unique, affordable and ACA exempt. The good news is the health sharing plans use a national PPO network which allows you to also find health care anywhere in the country. This type of plan is much less expensive for those who do not get a tax credit on their premiums.

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