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Is Turkey Shifting Alliances?

For over a decade Turkey has been engaged in an uphill struggle to gain admission into the European Union. Turkey is gradually beginning to re-align its foreign policy in favor of the Arab and Muslim East.


For the last several decades it was generally assumed that Israel was the United States’ staunchest ally in the Greater Middle East. But when former Nebraskan Republican Senator Chuck Hagel introduced Turkey’s prime minister in Washington last Monday, Hagel began his speech by saying Turkey was the United States’ most important ally in the region.


And for the last several decades it was also assumed that Turkey was Israel’s only ally in the Middle East. But when he took the podium, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, lambasted the behavior of the Jewish state for its actions during the war against the Hamas-led resistance in Gaza last December. Additionally, the Turkish prime minister sharply criticized Israel for possessing nuclear weapons while calling for Iran to suspend its nuclear program.


The Turkish prime minister said that Iran producing nuclear weapons "is not just a threat for the region, but for the entire globe. "But, said Erdogan, "if a country possesses nuclear weapons, it cannot ask others to give them up."

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