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Supply Chain Tracking Technology For Real-Time Cargo Tracking And Monitoring

Knowing where your products were is one thing, but knowing where they are right now and exactly what condition they are in is something entirely different. And, for most companies, that difference is a game-changer. Not only does this information let you prevent shipping disasters from every happening, but it gives you and your customers real-time peace of mind.

The GPT29 is the world’s smartest in-transit device, equipped with sensors that provide a constant stream of data from the location of your cargo, container, or package. But, so much more advanced than trackers of the past, the GPT29 also report on temperature, humidity, light, shock, and movement, giving you unparalleled information every mile of the journey. Using a combination of GPS, wifi, BLE, and other sensors, the GPT29 is the best tracker available, transmitting data via proprietary bluetooth LE protocol and telematic devices.

Knowing that not all shipping needs are the same, the GPT29 also provides the ability to be customized, giving business owners the opportunity to craft personal alerts, especially with regards to compliance rules and regulations from country to country and state to state. Ideal for shipments of all types, the GPT29 is the best way to maintain supply chain integrity in today’s complex world.

The GPT29 really is in a league of its own. Thanks to its advanced location tracking, the GPT29 provides you with real-time reports of your company’s assets, improving your overall customer service with accurate delivery notes. And because it’s crucial that your products don't get damaged when they're shipped, the GPT29 comes equipped with condition monitoring capabilities to improve quality control while preventing potential damage. This feature alone has the ability to save you and your company money time and time again.

Speaking of saving time and money, the GPT29 can also improve productivity and efficiency by allowing you to remotely monitor your supply chain during every step of the journey. This high-level type of monitoring gives you priceless insight into your company’s operational efficiencies, the type that will give you a serious advantage over your competition.

With just a single platform, you can enable multiple solutions across all of your communication devices, giving your entire team, and your customers, an easy way to stay connected. This connection extends to the security of your products, helping to make sure that your assets are protected wherever they are in the world - land, sea or air. And, once the trackers have completed their job, they can be returned in the mail so that they can be used again and again.

But maybe the biggest advantage of the GPT29 tracker is that the impressive battery life lasts for an entire year without being replaced. This is possible because of innovative hardware design, cutting edge firmware, and cloud integration for advanced configuration. The only way to have eyes on your shipments at all times, the GPT29 is an affordable solution for companies of all sizes, solving the problems of outdated trackers that suffer from low battery lives and high price tags.

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