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Sur-Real Money Again -- Look before you Cross The Street

|Includes: YRC Worldwide, Inc. (YRCW)

You know, it's a funny thing -- this morning there's and article by Shreve on Real Money (which you need to sign up for so they can sell your name off the list, and sponored by, i.e. Cramers Cabal) that tells you why YRCW is such a bad deal right now.  Damn, I read these things, and I'm almost convinced.... UNTIL... I sober up and remember, whatever the Street says, in the wise words of George Costanza, "Do the opposite".  How many times do they get it wrong?  Enough so that their short positions get picked up for awhile, and THEY make some money, before it rebounds (again).

Look, trucking and distribution is the backbone of delivery to everything from gasoline itself, to groceries at Publix, to lumber and nails at Home Depot, to prophylactics at Walgreens.  It ain't going away.  It's gonna get bigger, by default. Buffet can invest in railroads, but you still got to get "the stuff" from the rails (or ships) to the stores.  YRCW is not just national, but worldwide.  If oil goes down, they can put more trucks on the road and competition gets fiercer, if it goes up, the value of the effort goes up.  Until solar helicopters start delivering goods, we've got to stick to the trucks, and in fact, we need to help them along.  It's a good investment.

Almost dumped half this morning, glad I stayed on board... she's rising... again!

Disclosure: Long on YRCW