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Root Of 2019 Vape Crises? Dirty Street Dealers - Dangerous "Oil" Preparations Some With Pesticides And Chloroform Still Present


The legalization of reefer in many states in late 2018 caused street dealers to sell "dirty" vape products to their existing customers who typically have a vape pen.

"Dirty" means THC extracted with chloroform and not safer C02 extractoring, as well as exposing consumers to pesticides and lower grade materials.

Former street drug dealers are the reason lung issues have skyrocketedand eliquid is being unfairly blamed.

This does not make JUUL saints - they seem to have their ownproprietary blend raising serious questions - but they should not take all thewrap on the recent skyrocketing of lung issues.  The street dealers withnothing to loose are the root of the 2019 crises.   Read ChanceAmmirata's story.

JUUL backed by Phillip Morris would certainly know how to make the most addictive blend of "vape juice" on the planet compared to any Mom and Pop shop and their more limited knowledge of tobacco products...but JUUL should not take all the blame for what former street drugs dealers devised when it appeared they no longer had a "day job" because of the legalization in late 2018 in many states of cannabis. Street dealers basically came up with some homemade concoctions convincing customers that vaping straight oil and terpenes (which are oil) with THC would make them "feel good." They knew most all of their customers had a vape pen. So this is where the 2019 crises really began.

No vape company in their right mind would sell straight oil to inhale. People doing it seem to get a form of "wet lung" which is akin to permanent pneumonia. This type of lung damage was documented fairly well in the past when older seniors would accidentally aspirate mineral oil in their regimen - and mind you the oil was not super heated by a vape pen first with deliberate aim for the lungs!

Street dealers are known to be lesser grade pesticide laden cannabis extracted with chloroform and no game plan to remove the chloroform or pesticides either! So the source of the crises does not really have a brick and mortars store or a "brand" per se. Even so, it is hard to ignore what happened to Chance Ammirata an 18 year old in Florida who could truly say he only smoked the JUUL brand.

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