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Alfred Little's Ariticle To Attack FAB's Universial Is Full Of Speculations And Imaginations

|Includes: FAB Universal Corp. (FU)

FU sells pirate version of US movies in it's kiosk machines and private theaters. For this front, his major evidence is a list of movies that the author or his investigator(s) downloaded from FU's kiosk machines showing the earlier creation date than the movie DVD release date in US. But the author did not know (or deliberately ignored?) the facts that most of US studios had contract in China with early media release date just two months after the theater debut in US. But in US, the media release is usually 3 months or even longer. See the following article for verification.

You can verify that all the movies that this author listed in that table satisfied two months window after initial debut in theater in US. If they are pirate version, why do they all have to wait for two months?

As for the format of the movie, it's very normal in China that movies had different format than that released in US. I urge author to buy a legal copy DVD of the movies in China and compare it with that in US and see the differences and tell us what you find.

Also, the author tried to use one of FU's private theater's competitors word to prove that FU was showing pirate movies. This is like you walk into Best Buy's floor and ask an employee to say good things about Amazon's business model. What do you expect? The argument is very weak and full of speculations.

Most of the photos showed by author did not bear another hard evidence to show what the author wants to convey or even remotely relevant to the points that author want to make. In one of the photos showed by author, he clearly wants to say that FU's superstore in JoyCity in Xidan was closed down or even a fake. But we can clearly read the sign in Chinese saying "The FAB store will reopen with a whole new face to customer soon". That clearly indicate that the store is undergoing remodeling. What the author wants to convey by showing that photo to the US investors who can not read Chinese for most of them?

Lastly, I want to point out that this very much same author is one of most vehement guy who defended China Media Express (OTCPK:CCME) when the obvious fraud was revealed, both on seekingalpha or on Yahoo message board.

Disclosure: I am long FU.