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Greedometer Likely To Reach Critical 7000rpm This Week

|Includes: ProShares UltraShort S&P 500 ETF (SDS)

Hello folks. The strategic Greedometer is likely to reach the critical 7000rpm level this week. If not, it's going to be close. I'll have 88% of the data by the middle of next week. Regardless, the damage is done. Plus, the miniGreedometer is going berserk. Unless another very big rabbit is pulled from a central banker hat over the coming months, these gauges suggest the top is being seen in risk assets this month. The best these gauges can do is a 2-3 week granularity, so please don't criticize this for being vague.

I don't plan on regularly posting updates to the Greedometers since access is via paid newsletter subscription. Got to get paid for several thousand hours of research somehow. regards

Disclosure: I am long SDS.

Additional disclosure: I'm short the S&P500 via SDS, and short the MSCI Europe via EPV.