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HCV Race Is On: So Far GILD Is Winning By A 3:1 Margin Within Genotype 1. ABBV Is To Take 20% US Market.

|Includes: ABBV, Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD), MRK

1. Genotype 1: 75%
a. Out of 28.4% Decided
Exp Scripts 6.6%
CVS Health 8.5%
Anthem 4.0%
United 3.4%
GILD takes 21.8% vs ABBV 6.6%
b. Race is not over as there is still 46.6% Undecided up for grabs. MRK to join the party in 2016!

2. Genotype 2-6: 25%
No competition yet, but competition is coming from ABBV and MRK!

3. Projection
Assume ( that's a BIG "if"! ) that GILD maintains its lead of 3:1 in the remaining 46.6% that's still up for grabs:
ABBV market share will be 1/4* .75 = .19 or near 20%

4. Complete analysis should include international market.

Disclosure: The author is long GILD, FB.

Additional disclosure: and may initiate a new position in GILD or ABBV after 72 hours.