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Weighing in on Unemployment

 Being unemployed is no joke. We are talking about peoples’ livelihoods, their ability to provide for the families and in many cases their identities. Unfortunately some unemployment, even in an economy functioning in full throttle is inevitable. However, the present economic situation is anything but full-steam ahead. With unemployment approaching double-digits, we are talking about many millions of Americans in this predicament.

Insensitive Comments

There is tremendous pressure on Congress to come up with solutions to the rampant unemployment. It’s too bad that some folks in Washington have made some asinine comments regarding the unemployed and the wisdom of unemployment benefits. Some have even gone to the extent to suggest that people would rather collect the benefits rather than work. I have been on these benefits before and let me tell you that they are barely enough to provide the absolute necessities of life. It’s even harder if you have a big family to support, as they get a little more, but certainly not enough to be able to just sit back and live fatly off the benefits.

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