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GOP and GDP, Oh My!

The bears have been steamrolled over the last two months and any of them hoping for a fall after a lackluster GDP report were sorely disappointed. I know the frustration of the bears as I have dabbled with some bearish ETF’s lately, but not too big because I know the momentum that can be created by the tidal wave of cash that the Federal Reserve is throwing at this market. That is all that matters right now.

Lackluster Report

The government released advanced third-quarter GDP last Friday which came in at 2%, slightly less than expected. If anything, the weaker number was good for the market because that means the Fed’s quantitative easing program is a go. If the report was much hotter than expected, I think the market might have sold off because it would have given the Fed something to think about in terms of the necessity of pumping the system full of money.

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