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What’s Up With Cisco?

|Includes: Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)
To answer the question in the title, not a heck of a lot. Long-term holders of Cisco (CSCO) shares have endured frustration over the past decade after enjoying gargantuan gains in the 1990’s. The stock is at the same level as it was in early 1999. Even the constantly rosy demeanor and projections of CEO John Chambers hasn’t been enough to jolt the stock out of its slumber. Is there any hope for the future for Cisco?

One thing to remember is that Cisco the company will likely be around for a long time and be a big player in the networking industry, but that doesn’t mean the stock is good to invest in. It could become a lumbering dinosaur that is influential in business, but is dead money. Gone are the days when investors bid the stock up to $80 per share, giving it a market cap of over half a trillion dollars. This doesn’t mean investors should give up hope.

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