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Us Health care is killing the kids

Business insider has a series called "50 Depressing Facts About The Healthcare System That Will Make You Beg For Reform"

US health Care is killing the kids

Slide 8 : American kids are three times as likely to be prescribed antidepressants than kids in Europe.

Slide 12: A quarter of America's children have untreated tooth decay or cavities.

Slide 15: 30,000 infants die in the U.S. each year.

Slide 26: Hispanics kids are half as likely to see doctors as Americans -- and many other discrepancies in care are based on demographics.

Slide 41: America's infant mortality rate is 87% higher than France's.

Slide 43: The United States ranks 43rd in lowest infant mortality rate, down from 12th in 1960.

The outcomes are inferior

America has a worse health system based on outcomes than :

Slide 17:  More than a quarter of Texans don't have access to affordable health care. 100% of Mexicans do.

Slide 28: The (continental) US is ranked lower than Puerto Rico in life expectancy.

The cost is excessive

America spends $7,290 per capita on health care, far more than other countries.

The rest of the 51 slides show evidence of waste, inefficiency and ineffectiveness, almost as bad. Check them out at Business Insider:

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