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Shake That Money Maker!

Shake That Money Maker!


By now everyone knows that I'm in love with Ms. BIG BOOTY, JNUG.

Going into this week we had this to work with:

So what happened?

I covered both the CLF Put positions (2/10 and 2/17) for $0.02/share on the big run up and then sold more JNUG $11.50 Puts for 2/17.

I then had no real BP so I rolled the existing JNUG $8.50 and $9.50 Puts to Feb. 10 $11.50 Puts. Of course when it then tanked on Thursday afternoon and hit $10.76 in the AH trade I wondered why I did that.... but then it finished strong for the week at $11.94 and it was time to roll out the

Some of the RAD $7.50 was put to me early so I sold it and used the $ to sell some GPRO $9 puts for 3/3 and then used my end of the week "day trade" buying power to sell more AKS $8.5 Puts for 3/3. All of that equaled this:

Yeah I took a bit of a "NAV" hit from selling the RAD, but it's already been made back.

All the JNUG $11.50's expired releasing a bucket of $, so I'll start off Monday with:

Of course the RAD that was put to me is toast, so selling that will release more funds:

So this is what my pie will look like as of Monday at 6:30:02AM PST

and what's on the playing field next week:

What can I do with that cash hoard? We'll have to see what the Fat Premiums guys have thrown at the wall Sunday, but I won't cry if this is all I can do after I pay a few bills...


Disclosure: I am/we are long TRUMP.

Additional disclosure: CRANK THAT CASH MACHINE