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The Moral Of Owning MORL

The Moral Of Owning MORL


I had ~$800 left over from something or other and decided to see what MORL might do if left alone and ignored for 2+ years DRIPping away..

I was able to buy 40 shares @ $20.30/share on 1/24/2014 for a starting value of $811.95. It's now worth ~$1,439.98 as of todays close.

Here's how that worked out.




Fidelity says the Total Return is:

My calculator says it is +77.21428571428571%

So was a total return to date of +73.46% to +77.21% (depending upon who you trust) over 2.25 years "risky" and "pie in the sky" ?

I don't think so. You might.

And that's what makes a market.

YRMV of course.

Disclosure: I am/we are long TRUMP.

Additional disclosure: Sometimes I wonder what passes for critical thought these days, and then I wake up.