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|Includes: BlackBerry Ltd. (BB), CBI, JNUG, SYNA, WLL

Time to fire up the grill?

Conflicting #'s hit the tape

Made my nut for the week!

Today was interesting. The DOW TOO THE MOON!!!!! on light volume and talking head BS. NASDAQ still circling the toilet.

Conflicting #'s hit the tape, dollar goes up smacking gold (aka JNUG) etc etc.

I had three things to do today:

  • Sell the BBRY over $10 to cover the house call - DONE @ $10.02!

  • Sell calls on SYNA - DONE @ $0.80! !

Looks like I was the only player at that table today:

  • Beg Trish for some $ for the PayPal CC and assorted bills due by Friday - DONE!

Talked the old ladies through 5 trades on JNUG and CBI put options for their various accounts. Dammit they are making $.

Sold some WLL $5.50 calls in my IRA with the $ from the options that expired last week. Then sold some JNUG $17.50 Puts in the ROTH IRA.

Hit the bank and the gym and Costco already - time for a nap.

Hope you all have a happy 4th, and don't blow any fingers off - although they might make tasty appetizers for Uncle GGjr.....


Disclosure: I am/we are long SYNA.

Additional disclosure: I am/we are LONG EVERYTHING - and that includes Trump - can we all say BODYSLAM! ?