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AMZA Is Just Garbage.

|About: InfraCap MLP ETF (AMZA)

AMZA is just garbage - or.

AMZA might be just garbage - or.

AMZA might just be about to turn around - let's us the forbidden phrase: "Time will tell".

Our pal from the land of the gators says:

"AMZA is just garbage".

And that could be true, depending upon when you got in. AMZA from inception:

Look at all those PHAT DIVS!! Sadly though the share price is down -65% or so from the IPO. Total return? -40%. Fugly.

However if you were smart enough to get in 2 years ago this week, the story looks a little more rosy:

A total return with divs reinvested of 25% a year is not too shabby for a passive deal even though the starting ($8.63) and ending ($8.51) stock price is basically the same:

Plus there is no accounting for what you might have added to the total return/number of additional shares purchased if you sold $9 calls out 6 months  at your original buy in and then rolled them 4 times, reinvesting the call premiums as they were generated.

This whole thing reminds me or MORL 4 years ago:

You might have been feeling pretty stupido by July 2015 had you bought when I did (in one of the kids IRA's) waaaay back on Jan 24, 2014. Things turned around however, and this is where it's at now:

 +92.69% in 4 years is not too shabby either.

Now my Crystal Ball is not all seeing, and some might think it's more like this:

But lookie here:

If oil and gas increase in price from here................ or stay the same, AMZA ought to stay around $8-$9 for awhile. Maybe even 10 years. At least that's my story and I'm going to give it $30K to see how it plays out...

YRMV of course.

Disclosure: I am/we are long AMZA, REML.

Additional disclosure: It's only money - right?