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Made The Deal With The Devil

|About: Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (CLF)


oh well.

I hear it's warm there, like the Caribbean!?

I met this guy the other day when the Dow was -700 or so....

And some $ fell out of his pocket as he walked off with the contract for my worthless soul..... good thing we both like the same music I guess..........

I now have a fat equity cushion so that I SHOULD never get "that call" again. I also found a nice straddle with part of the $ left after that cushion was in place to cover the bills due over the next 2 weeks, and if I can just do it again on the 20th, start making a dent in some of the dangling balances. In case you're feeling brave, (that's you agent K!) here's the CLF straddle:

net premium credits after commissions was $5,052.05 with a holdback of $28,112.50 for a yield of +17.97% for 8 days. 

Everything else this week ought to expire.. We will have to see where I end up Saturday. Lots of stuff on tap for 4/20, I'll update that later.

Happy trading.