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Well "Mikie" Did It, He's ALL IN!

|Includes: InfraCap MLP ETF (AMZA), REML, SMHB

All in on AMZA.

All in on SMHB.

All in on REML.

and I still have some options left to fiddle with.

Finally ~100% out of Fidelity.........

That was like doing taking his food bowl away:

Every miscommunication, wrong button pushed at the wrong time, forced execution (because frozen accounts cannot have options rolled out, just closed, and because you cannot initiate an ACATS transfer on the week that any option expires even if you put the order for the transfer in the week before) etc.

The definition of a massive Charlie Foxtrot. 

But at least it's almost over:

Just one IRA still left behind.....and now I'm here!

I'm all in on the Retirement Plan discussed previously here:

I ended up a little "heavy" as I had planned on being in @ 80% equity to start, but I was not to up on the Schwab interface and they do not have a "what if" calculator like Fidelity does that you can use to model trades and see their effect on your balances prior to placing them, so I had to do it the pen and paper way. Plus the legacy options have their own requirements that affect that bottom line number. Still, only off by 3%, and that can go away as soon  the "legacy" option positions and HCLP are covered/sold/expire.

Symbol Quantity
Option Positions

AKS 03/15/2019 3.00 P


HCLP 03/15/2019 4.00 C


HCLP 03/15/2019 4.50 P


AMZA 06/21/2019 6.00 C*


AMZA 09/20/2019 6.00 C*


OSTK 03/15/2019 20.00 P


OSTK 03/15/2019 17.50 P


OSTK 06/21/2019 12.50 C


*I'll keep the AMZA ones of course but the rest gotta go.

What the spread says:

Q1 Income:

I really took a hit not being in fully in January and February, but Q2 is looking sweet:

Jdavis4982 and I discussed how things would be rebalanced. Let's pretend that next Monday was the day that I was going to do that. I'd take Friday's prices and plug them in here:

Take the position with the highest value (REML) and use that as the goal - then buy enough of the AMZA and SMHB positions to equalize the "net invested value".

Makes you always "buy low", and as you never sell = more shares every month = more income every year.. 

I'm not going to rebalance again until the week prior to the Ex-dates in April as I want to see how I do with the options I have expiring between now and then - ie. - If I can get out of a few of them at a profit, etc. The current plan is to do that rebalancing thing monthly since I have free trades for 2 years.

Time to celebrate with a 


Disclosure: I am/we are long REML, AMZA, SMHB, HCLP.