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|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), AXP, BAC, BX, JPM, KHC, KO, MO, NLY, O, T, UPS, USB, WFC

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From my " AlterEgo ".

Fortune Cookies Prescient? Who Knew?

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14 comments |About: The Blackstone Group L.P. (NYSE:BX), MO, NLY, O, T, UPS, Includes: AAPL, AXP, BAC, JPM, KHC, KO, USB, WFC


  • Happy from Sad.
  • Good from Bad.
  • Glad from Mad.

Even my sister was nice for a whole day.

As we all experience, s*** happens. That's to be expected. Sometimes things surprise you though. One of them can be the results of the probate process.

To borrow from someone else here on SA:

"Buffett's Top 8 holdings make up 75% of his portfolio. Each of these holdings along with its corresponding dividend yield is listed below"

  1. Apple (AAPL) - 1.6%
  2. Bank Of America (BAC) - 2.1%
  3. Wells Fargo (WFC) - 3.8%
  4. Coca-Cola (KO) - 3.1%
  5. American Express (AXP) - 1.3%
  6. Kraft-Heinz (KHC) - 5.1%
  7. U.S. Bancorp (USB) - 2.8%
  8. JPMorgan Chase (JPM) - 2.9%

"This comes to a weighted average dividend yield of 2.5%. For comparison, the S&P 500 currently has a dividend yield of 1.9%."


Eventually I'll have 20 positions.

Of course 2.5%/year is for amateurs that drink too much caramel colored caffeinated sugar water. I'm thinking more like 25%, because I drink too much of the real thing - how about you?

If I hit that number 31O will get a newer Uber ride for Christmas.

More later after I get the spreadsheet done.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long BX, O, NLY, T, UPS, MO.

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Disclosure: I am/we are long MO, T, BX, UPS, NLY, WPC, O.