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Weekly Wrap


Rolling UVXY.

Buying REML.

Adding more dividend plays to the mix.

As usual, not much happening here other than rolling out and consolidating the various UVXY positions to here:

UVXY 09/13/2019 $26.00 C -99

UVXY 09/20/2019 $33.00 P -99

for some FAT PREMIUM CREDITS of course.

Then we bought a bunch of REML on the slight dip:

Although I missed the bottom of $22.09 OF COURSE (sigh)

but now I'm here:

REML 46,000 @ $23.6327 with an average cost per share: $23.69 on 50% margin of course so that works out to twice this:

Current Yield (Annualized)**: 21.36%

Less the carry cost on the 2nd part of -3.4% so 21.36% + 21.36% - (3.4%) = ~39.32% net. 

SWEET. That's almost like this plan!

Except my plan actually works.

Details on this bad boy here. Exdates and pay dates here.

All the other fun this past week was over here:

  1. EOM = WOW! And No ORC's In Sight!
  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, MMM
  3. WHAT THE F?

Time to increase my carbon footprint!


Disclosure: I am/we are long AMZA, UVXY, NLY, REML.