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Update To The Updated Updated Updated SMHB Update (Updated Again 9/26)

|About: AbbVie Inc. (ABBV), SMHB

ABBV faded today; to $72.09 or -$0.86 (-1.18%).

Those paying attention know I rolled my puts UP to $73.00.

Since I do not want them put to me I did what?

Well I rolled them out one week, that's what:

ABBV 9/25/2019 $20,559.65 Roll 9/27 $73.00 Puts to 10/4 $73.00 Puts

So that gets my SMHB "workout" to here:

10/4 we will revisit this again. I could get by on $20K a week. Just maybe.



9/26 update:

ABBV to the moon this am = ROLLUP TIME:

ABBV 9/26/2019 $22,960.22 Roll 10/4 $73.00 Puts to 10/4 $74.00 Puts


Disclosure: I am/we are long EVERYTHING.