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May 14, 2011 2:10 PM ET1 Comment
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Where do you get your online news, economy and business information? Better yet, where do the news providers get the greatest amount of traffic of  people who are looking for news, economy and business information? The answer, The Drudge Report.

Only three websites that refer traffic to news sites account for more than 10% of those sites traffic. Facebook, Twitter and The Drudge Report.

The Drudge Report is the major source of traffic for the news providers

Have you ever heard of  The Drudge Report (click on the chart to enlarge)? I wager that many people haven’t but this website refers more traffic to the major news providers than either Facebook or Twitter. In many cases this referral traffic is more than Facebook and Twitter, combined!

So who and what is The Drudge Report? In the age of the internet it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate around to every potential news source that may have stories of interest. As a result, websites have been created that are called news aggregators, or websites that bring all of the headlines to one place that they believe their visitors will enjoy.

From the aggregators the traffic is redirected to the website where the story originated. The New York Post for example gets 19% of its traffic from Drudge while it gets only a combined 5% from Twitter and Facebook.

What does this all mean? That if you are serious about your news be it political, international, sports or something else, finding a good aggregator is critical. It will put many sources at your fingertips while hopefully breaking it down into only the most important ones.

For news about the economy, stocks, investing and more, there are some excellent financial news aggregators. One of my favorites, The Street Sleuth.

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