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Making sure you have the money to pay for college!

 From The Economic Spy

Other than a house there are few expenses facing parents that are greater than paying for four years of college









College tuition

How can you make sure the money to pay for college will be there?






Unfortunately, for many family’s the preparations for paying their kids college tuition bill starts when they begin to send in applications senior year in high school.

Of course by that time it is too late for any serious saving and the numbers for college including tuition, room, board, travel, books and other expenses are staggering.

The numbers for the inflation rate of college costs is also staggering.

If a family did put money aside years ago it was most likely invested in stock funds or in 529 plans that invest in stock funds.

Of course other ways to pay exist including hitting the lottery, scholarships (which is like hitting the lottery), financial aid from the school, the parents could refinance the house if it is even possible or the kids could take out student loans and work on campus.

These are more or less all viable options (other than the lottery) for paying the college bill.

Adding to a parents and students stress is the economy, the job market for new college graduates and recent study’s that questions whether a college education is worth the investment.

The day your kids are born is the day preparation for college tuition costs need to start being addressed, and there is an investment that can help you make sure you are ready!

For some of us it is too late as our we are either already paying for college or have kids about to go to college.

But if you have the time there is one investment that will insure the fact that you will have a $X amount of money (X is decided by the investor) when the time for college arrives!

This will be discussed in the following article, but the alternative college tuition investment is….Zero coupon municipal bonds!