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Are winter superstorms likely?

From The Political Commentator

Was the October storm along the east coast of the United States an aberration or precursor to a dangerously bad winter season?


Are we facing weather that will make last winter seem like a walk in the park?
Some sources, including NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), say that the earth is moving into an extended period of cooling.
Luckily for Al Gore and the other man-made global warming claimants that they have already made their financial killing on the manufactured scare.
But rather than global cooling, the concern for this winter's weather and the potential for superstorms to hit around the globe is actually more closely aligned with a changing geomagnetic field (an occurrence which could also have a devastating impact on the nations power grid).
A correlation between weather patterns and the geomagnetic field was confirmed through an experiment that was conducted by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (NASDAQ:CERN).
Unfortunately, very little exact or even predictive science can be applied to this question of solar activity. This is a frightening prospect as it has the potential to leave us all extremely vulnerable to an indeterminate period of foodshortages and power outages.
Scientific thoughts!

"... The winter of 2010 to 2011 saw several intense superstorms break out across North America and Northern Europe. Meteorological experts are predicting far worse for the 2011 to 2012 winter season. Some regions may be trapped in snowfall of historic proportions. The possibility of being snowbound for up to a week or more will increase.

People living in areas that run the risk of being inundated by winter superstorms might consider taking advance precautions. Having enough foodon hand is a logical step..." (



“…Space weather forecasters are predicting an upswing in solar activity that may result in catastrophes on Earth.

The sun is on the upswing of an 11-year cycle called solar maximum, which is ripe for solar flares. The sun’s volatility is expected to reach an apex sometime in May 2013, said William Murtagh, a space weather scientist with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Scientists are racing to understand the effects its energy might have on the U.S power grids in hopes that potential cataclysm can be avoided…

“…As a society, we are playing Russian Roulette with the sun,” Kappenman said. “If you play that game too long, you’re going to lose…” (National Defense)


The Political Commentator will monitor the science and predictions and when warranted provide updates to a situation that may turn out to be nothing or that may be something else!


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