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Yesterday's downday=Impeding correction to come.

|Includes: FAZ, SDS, TWM, Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3x Shares ETF (TZA)

Although I was a buyer of dips in the Egypt scare a few weeks ago, this downday was different from any dip in the rally from September to end of Feburary. I use a secret chart in my analysis and we bounced off resisitance from a 2007 trendline, and just broke down from the rally from September. This correction will not be a crash but a massive correction and then we could rally higher. This correction may last a few months though so my play is to buy short leveraged etfs for a quick 50% profit and then find an opprtunity to buy lower before one last wave higher. 

Mista Dorudian-" this is a big 'global' divergence - markets should be moving together, achieving new highs when other markets do.  1989-1990 the american markets reached new highs but england and japan didnt - the 1990 recession followed afterwards >_>. the world has changed since then, england & japan aren't as influential but having the big 3 emerging markets fail to reach new highs, and even break below their 200 day ma (india is really weak right now) is a red flag...
Also, during this May 6th correction, hong kong + brazil + india all topped out 2 weeks before western markets did. we're running on a 3 month divergence between big 3 emerging market highs and western highs..."

In short, position your portfolio for a correction and liquidate if you do not like down days. After this is all over, we will have one last buying opportunity for the last wave up possibly taking out the 2007 highs as our lead market Nasdaq 100 has already done.